Why add a form/quiz to your blog?

3 min readApr 7, 2021


Quizzes are engaging, and more engagement means more time spent on page and better SEO. After all isn’t that the whole aim: to get to the top of the pyramid and be first on Google? But then, you’re having second thoughts, how useful are they?

Let’s check out the major websites that use quizzes and forms, starting from the obvious to the least.


Buzzfeed is one of the websites that thrive on blogs. One of their quizzes, What state should you actually live in? got 40 million page views. That is a huge number. Compared to this, their top article 21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity got just 14 million page views. That means the quiz got around 3 times more traffic than an article.

The quiz has around 12 questions. Compare that to writing a full article with more than a thousand words to rank on Google. That’s just crazy. But then Buzzfeed never stuck to conventions, so let’s move on.

Trusted Reviews

This is a review blog that gets more than 2.2 million visits a month. Why would such a website need a quiz? But then, even they think they need to have one to increase engagement.

a quiz from trusted reviews

This is a poll from Trusted Reviews, not that this poll is going to be answered by many, but the few that will answer will increase the time on page by a margin. That would be enough to trigger the search engines to think, Oh this website has some crazy content and we need it on top.


There’s no reason why a news website with traffic of 83.6 million per month should feature a quiz, and yet this is a quiz that is featured in most of the article at the time of writing this article.

Quiz from Independent

All of these point to the fact that the days when you could have blogs without interactive content are long gone. There is a real need to feature quizzes and/or other interactive content on the website.

But then all these websites are huge and can afford to have developers who make custom platforms for them to create a quiz. They also have a huge number of people who create content for their quizzes as well.

The benefits

Adding a quiz to your blog offers multiple benefits

  1. You can increase user engagement on your blog. Your user will be more likely to remember you since he had a positive feedback after answering the quiz.
  2. Get information about your users. Quizzes/forms help in getting better feedback from your users so you can tweak your blog to their requirements.
  3. Articles containing quizzes tend to be shared more bringing even more traffic to your blog.
  4. Take surveys which can be used in your articles.

What we aim with makethemstay is to make interactive content more accessible to smaller blogs and websites. I used to own a blog and I was unable to create a decent quiz and that’s how makethemstay came into being.

Check out makethemstay to create your own quiz in under five minutes.




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